About Us!

Under various aliases such as bourbon, scotch and rye, whiskey has been a drink of choice for men and women alike for centuries. We have set out on a mission — and developed a business plan — to make the age-old potion even better. 

In 2016, we founded the Cats Eye Distillery in Bettendorf, IA after previous experience owning another distillery. Hours of research, training classes and time spent visiting other micro-distilleries culminated in our dream coming true. A lover of outer space and a member of the Quad Cities Astronomical Society, Baker (Owner) was inspired by a photo of a cat’s eye nebula taken by the Hubble Telescope. Not sure that his audience would quite make the connection, he chose to photograph his daughter’s cat for the logo, and the name just stuck.

One of the reasons we started is because of family, We believe in family, and we’re trying to promote family values. We believe in Bettendorf, and we are supporters of it. It’s personal for us to make this alcohol the right way and not cut corners and use the best local ingredients we can find.[We’re unique in] just our ability to understand the science and fine tune the product as we’re making them. We really understand the science behind the processes. With just a handful of local whiskey distilleries in the area. The process behind making whiskey is a long and somewhat complicated — one.