Our Spirits

At Cat’s Eye Distillery our mission was to learn and understand the scientific processes which go into creating a hand crafted whiskey from corn that would be perfect for both beginners and refined whiskey drinkers. We met this challenge and our first whiskey product is called ‘Essence of Iowa’.  We take and age only the premium cuts from the hearts of the distillation run in charred oak barrels. Customers who typically do not like whiskey and try it are usually amazed at how smooth it is with no after bite associated with some other whiskies.

Gin (originally called jenever) origin goes back as far as the 1500’s by the Dutch for medicinal purposes.  By 1606 the Dutch had levied taxes on jenever and similar liquors as alcoholic drinks, suggesting that jenever had by then stopped being considered a medicinal remedy.  Genever was originally produced by distilling malt wine.  Because the resulting spirit was not palatable due to lack of refined distilling techniques, herbs were added to mask the flavor.  The juniper berry, jeneverbes in Dutch, hence the name jenever (and the English name gin), was used for its alleged medicinal benefits. Cat’s Eye Distillery researched and experimented with a wide variety of herbs and spices to come up with the perfect jenever style distilled spirit.

We also wanted to create some unique products that would capture the spirit of creativity and meet our goal of making truly EPIC tasting products. KRUPNIK is a honey based product that customers have said taste like “Christmas in your mouth”. In addition it the same premium cuts that we use in our “Essence of Iowa” whiskey, we add honey, orange and lemon zest, and a variety of spices like cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, peppercorns, … Krupnik can be drank straight up or added as an ingredient to other holiday toddies.

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