Very smooth and tasty and a local product

Dan Collins,

5 out of 5

I’m not even a whiskey drinker and that was delish!!!!

Carrie Beckington,

5 out of 5

Good spirits, look forward to seeing what they produce here in the next couple years, should only get better!

Alan Thede Jr.,

5 out of 5

Smooth whiskey! Locally made and 100% recommend to try it once! You have nothing to lose… good times!

Vaidya Patel,

5 out of 5

Was home for the holidays and at Hy-Vee when they were sampling. Loved both whiskeys but REALLY LOVED Krupnik!!! I’ve always wanted to find a whiskey I can sip and enjoy and this is IT!! I just finished my bottle and am just beside myself because I live in Ohio and can’t get it here. 😤😭 Not sure when I’ll get back to stock up. So bummed! Would taste SO GOOD on these colder nights by the fire.

Kathy Claeys Froehlic,

5 out of 5